Welcome to LumOptica

Whether you provide optical-based systems or whether you offer solutions which could benefit from optical methods, LumOptica can assist you. LumOptica is a UK-based R&D consultancy, bringing decades of experience in the optics, laser and infrared domains.

We offer:

  • Consultancy and training in optical and laser-based systems
  • Optical systems design and simulation
  • Laboratory facility providing experimental validation through to test and evaluation

Although our experience has been gained primarily in the defence, aerospace and security spaces, the benefits are cross disciplinary. Whether you represent the automotive, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace or defence and security sectors, we can provide an authoritative and impartial service.

Human and Sensor Dazzle

Spectral Beam Combining

Combine UV lasers with mid-infrared lasers and (almost) everything between!

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Coherent Beam Combining

Optical designs for power scaling

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Sensor Dazzle

Human and Sensor Dazzle

Eye-safe visible obscuration. Imaging system disruption and vulnerability.

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