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Craig Stacey
Craig Stacey MPhys PhD CEng CPhys
CEO & Consultant
Laser Systems
Roy Clarke
Roy Clarke BSc PhD CEng CPhys
Director and Consultant
Electro-optics and Infrared
Chris Stace
Chris Stace BSc PhD
Director and Consultant
Optical Design and Simulation

Craig Stacey MPhys PhD CEng CPhys

CEO and Consultant – Laser Systems

Craig has over 17 years’ experience in photonics applications in defence and security. After graduating from Southampton University in 1999 in Physics with Space Science, he joined the UK MOD’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), which latterly became QinetiQ, as a Scientific Officer. During this time, he undertook research into hollow optical waveguides, FTIR spectroscopy, Lidar and coherent fibre laser combining and also completed a PhD in high power erbium doped fibre amplifiers. In 2006 Craig joined BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre in Bristol, and was a Principal Scientist from 2009 until 2015. While there, he led research in various photonics-related areas including: free-space optics and fibre optics and laser directed energy projects, covering laser dazzle, DIRCM and LDEW. This covered investigations into novel laser concepts and high power fibre optics and has led to a number of UK and world firsts and 11 patents. Competent in optical design using Zemax and LabVIEW for experimental control and data acquisition, Craig is also involved in most stages of project life cycle, from proposal writing, risk assessment and costing to project management and delivery.


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Roy Clarke BSc PhD CEng CPhys

Director and Consultant – Electro-optic and Infrared Engineering

Roy has over 35 years’ experience in optical engineering, both in systems design & evaluation and R&D. After gaining a B.Sc. (Honours) degree in physics at the University of Leeds he stayed on to obtain a Ph.D. which involved the design, development, and launch of a high altitude balloon borne, superfluid helium cooled, Fourier transform spectrometer for far infrared astronomy. Following a short spell of teaching and lecturing Roy joined British Aerospace in 1980 as an optical engineer, specialising in electro-optic sensors, infrared systems and metrology and alignment. Throughout his career, he served as engineer, consultant/trouble-shooter and project manager, on projects ranging from the design & development of optical test methods and equipment to systems design on major missile programmes. His experience includes: optics design, production and testing, hyperspectral imaging, systems modelling, technical auditing, design reviewing, and project management. He has led numerous successful multi-million pound bids for both national and international programmes. On leaving BAE Systems in 2015, as the Technical Lead for Photonics in the company’s Advanced Technology Centre, he was responsible for the strategic direction and delivery of the company’s optical engineering R&D. Roy was also a resident columnist in the BAE Systems company technical magazine “Technical Foresight”.


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Chris Stace BSc PhD

Director and Consultant – Optical Design and Simulation

Chris has been an optical engineer for more than 25 years. Before that he studied nonlinear optical amplifiers for image processing at King’s College in London for his Doctorate. He has gathered considerable experience of the design and construction of optical and laser systems including optical image processors, free-space and fibre optic communications systems, camouflage and optical switches. Most recently, Chris was Chief Optical Design Engineer at BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre. At LumOptica, Chris’ main technical role is as an optical designer using both the Zemax optical design package and the GLAD beam propagation model. He uses these tools to not only design optical components but also to simulate and troubleshoot the performance of optical systems.