Human and Sensor Dazzle

Sensor Dazzle
With the proliferation of hand-held laser devices, the issue of disruptive laser dazzle both on imaging systems and on human vision is becoming increasingly important.

The flip side to this is the opportunity to utilise such portable laser sources for denial of surveillance and for non-lethal means of deterrence. For the former, our optical modelling expertise can be utilised to predict the effect of laser illumination on imaging systems and also to inform on designs which are more robust against laser dazzle and damage.

Dazzle Graph

Lumoptica is licensed to use Laser ORACLE TM – human vision system modelling software. Laser ORACLE TM was developed by BAE Systems over many years to aid the understanding of how human visual acuity is diminished in the presence of laser illumination. This provides quantitative assessments of visual acuity for a range of vision tasks and over a range of meteorological and ambient lighting conditions. If you are developing a laser dazzle system, this facility will predict the effectiveness of your device.

  • Quantify the effects of laser dazzle on vision: extent of veiling glare and apparent brightness
  • Ensure your system is eye-safe
  • Produce the desired effect in the most cost- and SWAP-efficient way possible.
  • Assess the effectiveness of dazzle counter-measures, e.g. sun-glasses and laser protective goggles.