Optical System Design and Simulation

optical design illustrations
Optical System and Component Design

With the aid of the latest software packages and years of experience, LumOptica offers a comprehensive design service for optical components and systems:

  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Advice on commercially available optics.
  • Experience across the ultraviolet through visible to mid infrared wavelengths.
  • Optimisation for prototyping and manufacture.

Take the worry out of your design; we can help you find “right first time” and cost effective solutions to your problems.

Optical System Simulation and Analysis

We have many years’ experience, in the demanding aerospace sector, in using simulation to predict how optical systems will behave in the real world. What does this mean for you? We can predict performance, speed-up development, generate representative data and help to minimise risk and costs.

In summary, LumOptica can:

  • Troubleshoot problems in current optical designs
  • Predict performance of systems
  • Guarantee performance before build
  • Minimise risk of failure
  • Representative and quantitative simulated data
  • Minimise costs. Minimise route to manufacture. Minimise risk.

LumOptica is also well-connected to suppliers of optics and opto-mechanics and can assist in turning your concept into a practical reality, with on-site facilities to experimentally test and evaluate it.