Safety First

Laser safety warning sign
Modern optical systems invariably seem to involve lasers and it is generally understood that these devices invoke some special issues with regard to health and safety provisions, e.g. with regard to equipment marking and operation. However, it is less widely appreciated that most of these health and safety requirements now extend to any artificial light source (including that desk lamp!).

In our experience we have often been confronted with some confusion over the issue of laser safety and this has been compounded by this increased scope of the legislation. All the services that Lumoptica provides are fully compliant with health and safety legislation and we are also able to provide general advice in this area. Roy Clarke was the laser safety officer for BAE Systems, Advanced Technology Centre for over 20 years, personally authoring the organisation’s laser safety procedures and documentation and carrying out the risk assessments on its practices and products.

We also have the latest laser eye-safety software which complies with the recent ammendments to the safety standards BS EN 60825-1:2014.