Concept and Prototype Development and Evaluation

Laboratory type photos
Prototype development, test and evaluation can require significant capital investment. To save this expense and time, it makes sense to utilise an existing facility with associated expertise.

You may need assistance in developing and testing concept demonstrators, prototypes or characterisation of in-service products. LumOptica has the capability to assist you, and crucially, the expertise.

LumOptica provides independent evaluation and advice, drawing on decades of experience in electro-optic and fibre-optic system design, prototyping and evaluation. It follows that you can expect and have full confidence in a professional AND intelligent service. We can help you to:

  • Save the cost and time of acquiring facilities and operators
  • Test and evaluate prototypes or products in a safe and independent environment
  • Troubleshoot – identify system limits and failure modes
  • Perform quick, exploratory tests without prohibitive costs

Specifically, we can offer the following test facilities:

  • Interferometric testing
  • Measurement of laser power, spatial and temporal laser profile.
  • A variety of incoherent, laser and thermal sources

A key component to our service, and one which runs through all our offerings, is the provision of qualified laser safety expertise. With the extraordinary growth of powerful laser and incoherent light sources, and in an increasingly litigious world it pays not to overlook this important aspect of your project.

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