Consultancy in Laser and Optical Systems

Consultants hard at work
Whilst optics is widely acknowledged as an important technology in modern engineering, it is perhaps not appreciated that optics is often the key element in a system. It is not possible even to specify the required performance of an optic system in isolation and there is no simple rule that says what the system should look like.

At LumOptica we collectively have almost 100 years’ experience in dealing with this problem. We can design optical systems in the context of a holistic systems approach, ensuring an optimal solution.

Prior to undertaking a detailed optical design, we can undertake an initial systems study or provide independent and informed audit capability to your design review process. The team has wide experience in contributing to and chairing design review panels ranging from simple hardware assessments to multi-million pound weapons systems design reviews.

Technology Awareness

Optics, as a science, has been around since the Middle Ages but it is a fact that the pace of development has never been faster. Smart-Phones now boast the sort of imaging technology that was only available in high specification military hardware a few years ago, e.g. a “clip-on” thermal imager costing around £200. Awareness of the latest developments is thus increasingly important in ensuring that systems aren’t effectively obsolete before they reach the market, yet it is correspondingly difficult for organizations to achieve and maintain this knowledge.

LumOptica is ideally placed to provide this service. Born out of the corporate research centre of one of Britain’s largest technology companies we have been at the forefront of optics R&D for many years. We can:

  • provide specific advice as to a particular design or its components
  • supply general appraisals of a particular technology area of interest, e.g. a state of the art survey of IR imaging sensors.
  • evaluate existing and emerging technologies against specific requirements or specifications.
  • fast track your study – utilising our expertise with access to a wide multi-disciplinary network across industry and academia.
  • help future proof your design against upcoming disruptive technologies.